Phoenix Natural Gas Customer Connections In Northern Ireland

Phoenix Natural Gas Customer Connections In Northern Ireland

Project Description

Since 1996 we have constructed over 3,000km of gas mains and completed 160,000 customer connections for Phoenix Natural Gas (PNG) in Northern Ireland. In addition to managing the supply chain, we are also responsible for the detailed design, building and maintenance of the distribution network. Customer service excellence is a top priority, and we have consistently beaten our KPI target by over 50 per cent.


Phoenix Natural Gas


Northern Ireland


£12 million a year


Connecting 10,000 new customers a year

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The PNG network is predominantly medium pressure and mostly high-density Polyethylene (HDPE). Mains pipe diameter runs from 600mm down to 32mm, with domestic services fed through 20mm pipe. The network’s pressures are intermediate pressure (7 bar), medium pressure (4 bar) and low pressure (75 mbar). At the moment we are building around 60km of new main and connecting 10,000 new customers a year.


Saving cost, adding value

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Our proactive approach provides PNG with cost savings and improvements that add value, such as:

  • PE inlet for 4 bar customer pressure reduction modules
  • designing and dual sourcing engineering products to introduce competition and reduce costs
  • issuing guidance notes on the re-use of certain types of excavated material
  • eliminating waste and minimising disruption to deliver exemplary customer service. For example, we construct over 40 per cent of the PNG network using no-dig technologies.


Continuous improvement

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In the interests of continuous improvement, we created a suite of method statements in a radical new format, as part of our behavioural safety programme. They are modular, each one or two pages long, and covering a single aspect of work. A complementary suite of audits ensures that the method statements are being used on site.