2012 Olympic Torch Gas Supply And Installation

2012 Olympic Torch Gas Supply And Installation

Project Description

After a successful £65 million contract between McNicholas and the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) for the design, installation, testing and commissioning of multi-utility infrastructure at the Olympic Park, we secured a separate contract to install and commission the gas service pipe to supply the iconic Olympic Torch.


Olympic Delivery Authority


The Olympic Park, Stratford




Rapid mobilisation

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As well as installing the service pipe, we also had to install, test and commission an ITRON MTA4000 4” meter that recorded the amount of gas used for the Olympic Torch. The gas pressure of 7 bar was governed down in a bar pressure reducing station installed on the riverbank, so the service to the torch was at 2 bar.

The window of opportunity to plan these works required rapid mobilisation of our workforce as we were only instructed to carry out these works in March 2012. Our experienced team responded quickly and efficiently, successfully installing and commissioning the intermediate pressure (IP) meter unit in good time for the rehearsals for the opening ceremony.

Once the Games were over, we returned to site to decommission and remove the unit to enable the legacy works to begin.


World-class standards of safety

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All the work we carried out for the ODA, both on this and also the multi-utility contract, had to be carried out to exacting standards. The ODA’s stated objective was to set world-class standards of safety by reinforcing a best practice culture. Only this could deliver the highest possible levels of safety to the ODA’s employees, their contracting partners and the public.

We worked with the ODA and its preferred Principal Contractors to agree a common safety strategy and set of standards. We continued the roll-out of our ‘LOOKOUT for safety’ behavioural safety programme with a roadshow and face-to-face briefings to over 300 employees. In addition, we revised our safety induction course to incorporate both EUSR and CSCS recognition and accreditation. Our behavioural safety programme was recognised as being best in class by the safety, health, environmental leadership team and our Compliance Director was responsible for developing the key objectives and content of a project-wide programme.


Keeping the flame burning

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The gas service pipe and the IP meter unit were installed, tested and commissioned in a tight timeframe before the rehearsals for the opening ceremony. This ensured the Olympic Torch was lit and kept burning.