Premier Gas Installation Service For Fulcrum

Premier Gas Installation Service For Fulcrum

Project Description

Working in partnership with Fulcrum, an independent utilities organisation, under a geographically aligned framework agreement, we are delivering both its infrastructure and metering requirements.




Across England and Wales


£6million a year


Delivering a complete gas installation service

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We provide a complete gas installation service to Fulcrum’s customers who are promised reliability and quality of product, with a target of completed meter installation within two days of service “gas on”. Three out of four customers are in the industrial and commercial sector.

Typically, we are responsible for installing and commissioning commercial and domestic meters from U6 to bespoke rotary and turbine units, with installations ranging from low pressure (75 mbar) to intermediate pressure (7 bar). Some installations, such as commercial rigs greater than 3”, require internally welded steel connections.

We survey complex civil engineering and metering works to ensure that all requirements are identified and included in the quotations Fulcrum provides to its customers.


Integrated management system

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We have consistently met the contractual KPIs, ensuring that customers have received an initial quotation for all aspects of the works as quickly as possible.

After contract award, we introduced an integrated management system supported by a robust IT structure and PDA/Tablet technologies. This automatically transfers information for surveying and works instructions on both the civils and metering elements of the contract.


Geographical expansion of our Fulcrum partnership

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In April 2014, we were successful in our bid to become Fulcrum’s framework delivery partner in the remaining regions of England and Wales, replacing its previous contractor.

Following the award of this contract, we will become the sole contractor to Fulcrum across England and Wales. This will enable us to build on our existing excellent working relationship with Fulcrum and work even more closely together on winning more business and delivering a great service to customers. We will become an integral part of Fulcrum’s Operations team, fully aligned to its aims, values and brand.

This award significantly increases the value of the contract to us and provides Fulcrum with the benefit of consistency of delivery across all areas, simplifying its processes and lines of communication.