Heating System Servicing, Repairs and Replacement for Milton Keynes Council

Heating System Servicing, Repairs and Replacement for Milton Keynes Council

Project Description

A strategic partnership with Milton Keynes Council to service, renew, maintain and repair central heating systems for a portfolio of more than 12,000 residential properties, including the homes of many of the most vulnerable people in the city.


Milton Keynes Council


Milton Keynes


£4.5m per annum


Meeting Landlords’ Gas Safety Obligations; Keeping People Warm

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Building upon a prior ten year history with Milton Keynes Council, we were competitively awarded a strategic partnership with the Council for Heating Systems in their residential property stock. Additionally, we were requested to provide operational support to their responsive repairs contractor to expedite refurbishment of void properties.

Our challenge is to deliver 100% compliant servicing, reduce breakdown demand through repair, maintenance and replacement, meet productivity targets, support vulnerable persons who need reliable heating and do all of this with the highest degree of customer satisfaction.


Customer-Centric, Technology-Enabled, High Performance Service Delivery

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Creating a local operations centre in Newport Pagnell to support our PDA-enabled mobile workforce, we schedule and deliver more than 15,000 call-outs per annum for the Council. This includes evening and weekend emergency support, more than 800 system replacements per annum and domestic renewable energy pilots.

Our customer-centric approach sees our Customer Liaison and Supervisory personnel actively engaged with customers, shaping and improving our service to better meet their needs. This includes customer service training and safeguarding protocols for Engineers. All activities are monitored through a suite of programme-specific KPIs jointly agreed with the Council.


Supporting the Community through Safe and Compliant Service

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  • Apprentices and Trainees are hired from the Milton Keynes Community
  • The Servicing Regime is now fully compliant, compared to a 97% achievement prior to our strategic relationship, fully discharging the Council’s LGSR obligations
  • 99.1% resident satisfaction rating
  • PDA-enabled mobile workforce supported by a customised ‘parts arena’ app to improve stock management within the repairs service
  • Council strategies for fuel poverty, renewables and protection of vulnerable persons are supported