Rural and Suburban, Traditional and Renewable Heating Services

Rural and Suburban, Traditional and Renewable Heating Services

Project Description

Working with South Northants Homes since 2002, we have enabled 100% LGSR compliance, introduced domestic renewable energy solutions and transformed a traditional delivery model into a fully IT-enabled modern mobile workforce all whilst engaging with the local community.


South Northants Homes


South Northampshire


£1m per annum


Collaboratively Meeting Needs

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Beginning our relationship with South Northants Homes when they were part of South Northampshire Council Council before a positive vote by tenants transformed the housing stock into the non-profit South Northants Homes, we have enjoyed a long-term collaborative relationship tacking challenges including:

  • Achieving 100% LGSR compliance
  • Meeting the needs of the Registered Provider’s mix of rural and suburban properties, both operationally and technically, e.g. keeping oil and solid fuel boilers serviced and compliant
  • Working together to keep contract practices modern – including the improved use of IT and introduction of domestic renewable energy solutions to tackle fuel poverty
  • Contributing to the community we serve


Embracing Change, Driving Continuous Improvement

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  • Our Directors and Senior Management actively attend Resident Information Forums to help shape service delivery to the needs of the end customer – the tenant
  • We have introduced new technologies to make the service operate more efficiently, including an early adoption of PDA-based mobile working
  • Recruitment and training is locally focused, so that our delivery team are truly part of the community
  • Fuel poverty and home comfort issues have been addressed through a variety of means, including the pro-active introduction of air-source heat pumps to reduce fuel costs and weather compensators to improve comfort in the home


A Long-Term Partnership, Built on Performance

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  • We have been competitively re-awarded works since 2002, demonstrating our ability to deliver performance and partnership outcomes in a commercial manner
  • 100% of our service delivery team is employed from within South Northants housing stock areas
  • 100% LGSR compliance consistently achieved