Customer Service

Meeting the needs of customers

We focus on customer service to both our clients and their customers. As a business we meet customers in their homes, on the street and in the workplace. We recognise our responsibility as we meet 10,000 customers in their homes each week.

Customer Service
Added Value

In an increasingly service and value-conscious market, our clients ask us to demonstrate ‘Brand Sacrifice’ and align closely to their values.

Quality is what sets success for us. Our approach is to learn through our work and share knowledge and experience. This approach delivers predictable outcomes that satisfy our clients and drive ongoing business improvement.

Customer Service
Community engagement
Extending the Distribution Network
Edinburgh Trams back on track

We work in our local communities helping our clients to support local residents and businesses. We provide channels of communication to our clients, their customers and members of the general public, using multi-media solutions available today

Customer Service
Customer Satisfaction

McNicholas regard customer satisfaction as a key indicator of our business performance and this is primarily measured through a combination of programme adherence metrics and stakeholder surveys.

We have successfully adopted Net Promoter Score as a measure of Customer Satisfaction, where our people work with over 40,000 of Virgin Media’s customers every month. NPS is now used by 70% of the world’s companies to measure customer satisfaction and we have regularly achieved scores similar to the best in the world. Through our commitment to customers, Virgin Media now rank as #1 in the telecommunications industry Customer Service rankings.

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