Customer Service Charter

Customer Service Charter
A Service Provider, providing exceptional Customer Service

“Our business is all about providing solutions to our clients, and the customer is always our first consideration. I have set high standards for my people to follow, so that you will receive the best possible customer experience whenever and wherever you come into contact with McNicholas.”

Barry McNicholas
Chief Executive Officer

Customer Service Charter
We achieve this for you through
  • Leadership in Customer Service from the CEO down
  • Professionally training all our personnel in the correct customer-serving behaviours
  • Empowering and informing our front-line personnel to best provide the service you deserve
  • Setting strict timescales to resolve any complaints, on the same day where we can
  • Investing in the people and technologies that mean everyone has equal access to get in touch with us through your preferred method at any time of day
  • Learning lessons from every complaint or compliment to improve our service
  • Reviewing every piece of customer feedback at board level, keeping our organisation focused on what we need to do to provide an exceptional customer experience
Customer Service Charter
Getting in Touch

We welcome your feedback. McNicholas are always seeking to improve the quality of service we provide and your feedback is invaluable in achieving that. If something has gone wrong, or we’ve done something well, we want to know about it and act on it.

You can contact us through our contact form, recommended if you have an urgent matter or complaint, or call our 24/7 Care Line on 0845 2000 214.

Awards and Accreditations

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