Monday, May 22, 2017
Fundraising for Guide Dogs for the Blind

McNicholas’ Glasgow office held a charity day on Friday 28th April in aid of Guide Dogs Scotland.

In attendance were volunteers from Guide Dogs Scotland, along with a Guide Dog User, a working dog, and a 9 month training pup. Murdo Macaulay, McNicholas SQE Manager for Northern Ireland and Scotland, organised the event and talked through some of the fundraising activities for this cause.

"We needed to make the event as diverse and interesting as possible to encourage people to part with their hard earned cash for this great charity so, as well as the traditional fundraisers such as a tombola and cake sale, we also undertook a ‘pin the tail on the puppy’ and ‘match the person to the pet’ where employees had to be ‘married up’ with their pet!

One of the most popular games though was ‘Tea Bag Toss’ where people were asked to wear goggles that simulated what people who are visually impaired see and then throw a tea bag as close to a bottle of champagne as possible. The person who got the tea bag the closest won the champagne! Whilst this was great fun, the reality of undertaking this task whilst simple for someone with full sight became very challenging with the simulator goggles on.

We then took this one step further in a bid to recreate the kind of challenges visually impaired people would face when walking around streets whilst construction work is being undertaken. Employees were blindfolded and then asked to navigate their way around a maze – something that was hugely challenging but helped them to understand how a simple change in road or footway layout can cause significant problems if basic considerations aren’t taken into account.

Throughout the day things were kept on a high with the ‘Manager Wet Sponge and Bucket’ challenge! Employees were able to donate money to either throw a sponge at selected Managers (whilst wearing simulator goggles that impaired their vision) or, for a slightly higher donation, throw an entire bucket of water whilst the Manager was blindfolded! All in all it was a lot of fun and enlightening. Thanks to everybody who supported the event."

So far the event has raised over £3,800 with more to come from our other offices and depots, so fingers crossed we hit our £5000 target to enable us to name a Guide Dog pup! For more information or to make a donation to this great cause, please e-mail