Tuesday, May 30, 2017
McNicholas Firmus pip McNicholas PNG to the winners post in this year’s Cutters Wharf Viking Boat race in aid of NSPCC

In 2016, a team from McNicholas working on the Phoenix Natural Gas contract in Northern Ireland took on for the first time the challenge of the Cutters Wharf Viking Boat Race, only to be declared winners against a line-up of dedicated Viking Boat Racers!

Taking the decision to defend the title on the 30th April, this year they had competition from their colleagues working on the Firmus contract as well those Viking Boat Racers seeking revenge at the start line. The challenge was well and truly set with more than a winner’s trophy at stake….

Victorious Team McNicholas Firmus

Both McNicholas teams took to the waters of the River Lagan for the heats with considerable determination, strength and a rake of grit which saw them set the two fastest qualification times against the other 17 teams. After a competitive (and a little boisterous) build up, our two teams proudly took to the water in the finals and this year it was the lads from the Firmus contract who crossed the line first (despite being reminded on numerous occasions that the average age of their team was older than their PNG counterparts!).

Notwithstanding the competitive spirit, congratulations to all Viking Boats and all of the racers, friends, family and co-workers who turned up to show their support.

Between our two teams they raised £1040 in aid of the children’s charity NSPCC. The entire event raised a total of more than £10,000.