Alliancing & Partnering

We believe in sustaining long-term relationships

McNicholas encourage collaborative working with all our clients to achieve optimum results. We are in our eighteenth year of delivering the Phoenix Natural Gas alliance. Our objective within any programme or project is to integrate seamlessly, aligning closely with clients, partners and project teams, to examine challenges from new perspectives and to seek out transferable solutions and benefits.

Alliancing & Partnering
Proven Value

By working openly and honestly with our clients, we gain valuable insights into their organisational culture, needs, objectives and aspirations, enabling us to deliver informed innovative solutions that consistently meet their demands introducing the collaborative benefit of proven value.

Alliancing & Partnering
Collaborative Business Relationships
Gas Connections

Our plans and processes are consistent with BS11000 for Collaborative Business Relationship Management systems. We are currently working towards achieving this accreditation by working closely with clients and partners.

Experience shows us the best results in any delivery project come from integrated teams that work together as one organisation, which is why we encourage collocated teams wherever we can.

Alliancing & Partnering
Making Alliances work
  • A truly integrated team to drive project and programme
  • Joint meetings where, as equals, we achieve early agreement
  • Shared risk management and mitigation
  • Joint planning, procurement and purchasing to bring efficiencies
  • Coordinated assurance, quality and audit programmes designed to ensure governance standards
  • Project information shared through the project intranet and managed by a shared document control team, part of an integrated administration team
  • Aligned and incentivised goals through an Alliance board, designed for one shared purpose
  • Relationship management planning
  • Fully integrated supply chain
Alliancing & Partnering
Long term alliances

McNicholas has enjoyed some of the longest framework and alliance contracts in the utilities, communications and rail sectors securing awards for our performance.

Extending the Distribution Network
Railway Communications