A leading engineering service provider

McNicholas is a leading provider of services to the UK’s multi-utility, telecommunications, gas, power, water, renewable energy, and rail sectors. We call on a wide range of professional services, such as customer service, design, consulting, engineering and construction, to deliver connections for our clients.

McNicholas works collaboratively with our clients and supply chain, through long term frameworks and alliances.

Challenging convention to create improved solutions

McNicholas provides integrated solutions from the earliest stage. Our in-house design team provides the starting point for saving our clients' time and money. By testing conventional thinking, integrating seamlessly with clients and internal customers and employing a breadth of knowledge gained over many years, our experts have cut costs and shortened programmes on a variety of schemes, by identifying innovative and highly effective lean solutions.

Engineering Services

McNicholas provides comprehensive site engineering services from planning through survey, design, permitting, construction, testing and commissioning. Our clients often plan, build and own an extraordinarily diverse portfolio of infrastructure, and they have projects to match, from site developments to water and wastewater systems, from energy facilities to transport and telecommunications networks.

We have diverse expertise in a range of specialised areas, including site selection and utilisation, feasibility studies, utilities assessment, site/civil engineering design and permitting, and support for other disciplines.

Enduring supplier relationships founded on collaboration and respect

At McNicholas we recognise that we do not operate in isolation and that we are responsible for building a safe, sustainable and profitable supply chain, working with us in our chosen sectors, aligned to our clients' needs.

Our suppliers play a key role in supporting our business activities and our reputation. For this reason we work closely with our partners, and increasingly look to engage with them in collaborative working to ensure that, together, we deliver exceptional service to our clients.

Working together

Working in teams allows individuals from different areas with different roles and perhaps from different organizations to work together on issues of interest to team members.

McNicholas maintains behaviours that ensure we are:

  • Accessible to our clients and their customers and online
  • Sharing our experience and expertise
  • Taking a Programme view and not just a Project view
  • Ensuring we have the right people, equipment and knowledge
  • Aligning our plans and processes with a Collaborative Business Relationship
  • Introducing innovation up and down the supply chain
  • Adding value to all our relationships
  • Asking what our customers want and need